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Case Study


This company has developed hybrid rice seeds and is the first company to commercialize hybrid rice seed in North and South America. RiceTec has a reputation for being at the cutting edge of innovation and has made a positive impact on farmers, employees, and stakeholders worldwide. Keeping to their reputation, they paired groundbreaking technologies to provide an immersive learning environment that ensures employees have the skills necessary to quickly on board, reduce contamination, and maintain employee safety on the field.

Ignite Learning Technology took on the challenge of creating an immersive, interactive, and engaging employee learning experience. We designed and developed a fun and interactive hand harvesting simulation as the foundation for on boarding, employee engagement, safety, and quality.


The company needed training that would teach employees how to hand harvest in an engaging and interactive manner using state of the art technology. As we held our first Mural brain storming, we found they needed to quickly onboard employees in the Research & Development area, to reduce hybrid contamination, improve safety in the field, and reduce accidents.


Ignite Learning Technology partnered immersive Virtual Reality technology with gaming learning, employee engagement  theory, and agile best practices to solve their problem.

  • Assistance in defining Objectives and Key Results

  • Simulation and Game Design

  • Platform architecture

  • Oculus Quest (Meta) development

  • Analytics and dashboard


Ignite Learning Technology surpassed the original goal. As we start to track our learners we will see if we achieved our target key results.

Oswaldo Lopez Sanchez

“Ignite Learning Technology surpassed our original goals! We went in thinking we needed one thing, we received a simulation that extended to safety, environmental threats, heat, and cross contamination. The game was icing on the cake!"
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