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Address Behaviors Necessary for Teamwork with Virtual Reality Design and Development

In a fast-paced economy and global market the “every man for themselves” outlook is common. Everyone feels that they need to keep up, have the greatest skills, and always be one step ahead. But this individualistic perspective fails to consider the overall team output and performance. If dealing with only your own goals and achievement this can hinder group cohesion and interaction. Instead, company management and team leaders should work alongside their peers to promote teamwork skills and priorities. To upskill individuals in fast-paced environments is a challenge. An immersive approach is more suitable to change team behaviors.

To create high level units there should be strong outlines for what is expected of team members. This includes certain behaviors, tools and check ins that should be regularly maintained. Research has also shown that learning goals and teamwork commitment can yield output results that go beyond the learning goals of an individual. Therefore, strong self-policing and team motivation lead to the best results.

Show respect with Gender Pronouns
Gender Pronoun Game

Ideas and values that should be presented to teams include openness and eagerness. Team members should be willing to recognize ideas from a variety of sources or backgrounds and keep an open mind. Being closed off to different ideas and suggestions prevents progress. Team members who are shut down before being able to express themselves fully will no longer want to in the future. This also prevents the workplace from being an environment where everyone is eager to express ideas and contribute, it takes away people’s motivation and confines how they will act in the future.

Team leaders should also work to prevent inter- and intra- personal conflicts. This includes preventing cliquey and ostracizing behaviors and encouraging everyone to talk out their issues. If problems are presented, they should first be brought to the person the issue is with, perhaps there is a misunderstanding and instead of pushing something into a bigger issue it will be readily resolved. By promoting group cohesion everyone will feel comfortable alongside each other and will produce the best group unit for effective work.

An environment of mutual respect and support should also be maintained. This sets a tone of harmony and will create a workplace where different ideas and issues can be brought up without the fear of persecution. This means giving employees fair treatment and meaningful assignments that allow them to showcase their work instead of them having to fight or compete for valuable work. This also means encouraging employees to police themselves and uphold themselves to a high standard. By supporting a harmonious and open workplace employees will feel comfortable sharing setbacks they have, an issue that is often brought up too late and can hinder deadlines set for the team. This way information is regularly shared and consistently monitored. Events like these often need reminders and positive reinforcement to encourage them which can be achieved through the Agile Literacy platform known as the S.I.G, the self improvement game.

If you are interested in virtual or augmented reality simulations or game-learning design and development contact us.

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