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Reduce Training Time, Increase Retention, and Improve Performance using AR/VR For Training And Simulations

Virtual & augmented reality are ground-breaking technologies for businesses to use in training and workforce development, employee engagement, and onboarding.

We specialize in providing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) (collectively XR) services to enterprises new to these technologies to help them see how they can develop a growing range of use cases.

Virtual and Augmented reality is fast becoming part of the enterprise landscape and we can deliver the solution that your business needs with high-quality, amazing content to deliver on business reality.

We design and build bespoke simulations to boost employee engagement and improve retention across departments such as operations, research and development, maintenance, supply chain, logistics, and field services. 


Ignite Learning Technology creates engaging immersive solutions to train your workforce, engage and onboard new hires in a cost-effective manner. VR builds high competence and grows experience while engaging.
Woman in VR Room


Cost Reduction

Immersive learning such as virtual or augmented reality can cut costs throughout an organization.


Address Safety

Immersive learning provides learners with the ability to learn from mistakes without jeopardizing employee safety.


Improve efficiencies

It guides the learner through steps they need to take in the real world and even allows them to explore content they cannot easily access otherwise. 

Real World Examples



Increase In Productivity

Source: Boeing

Boeing studies have "shown a 90 percent improvement in first-time quality when compared to using two-dimensional information on the airplane, along with a 30 percent reduction in time spent doing a job.”



7.5 X's

Increase In Employee Retention Rate 

According to the National Training Laboratory retention rates for lecture style is 5%, and reading rates at 10%, while VR learning is at 75%



Decrease In Injuries

Source: Ford

 "Ford has reduced the injury rate by 70 percent for its more than 50,000 “industrial athletes” in the U.S., and many more around the world, through new ergonomics technology, lift-assist devices, workstation redesign and data-driven process changes."

How we can help you...


Ignite Learning Technology offers full-service virtual and augmented  reality training solutions to help your business build a new vision and reality while providing tangible benefits across many departments; from human resources to operations, health and safety to innovation.

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